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Schematic drawing of sampler device

The sampler of the Working Level Monitor is a self contained instrument with all elements of an intelligent data collection system and an alpha-spectrometer including:

  • Membrane filter
  • Silicon surface barrier detector
  • Detector voltage generator
  • Charge sensitive amplifier
  • Multi channel analyzer
  • Integrated flow meter
  • Real time clock
  • Micro computer
  • Communication interface

Schematic drawing of sampler head

The figure shows a cross section of the sampler.

It collects the radon daughters on the surface of the filter. The surface barrier detector simultaneously registers the alpha-radiation from the filter. An integrated multi-channel-analyzer collects the alpha-spectrum in 256 channels. The micro computer analyzes the spectrum and prints directly the activity concentrations in the air.
Optionally the communication interface (by Rs-232) of the sampler can be connected with a personal computer. It is possible to control a large area by several Working Level Monitor Samplers which are connected via a local network or telephone modems with a central data collection station.