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System description IRGProbe

The IRGprobe is an instrument measuring high radon gas concentrations of the air.

Typical applications:

A house or any underground building sucks air containing radon from the underground. At low air flow rates the activity concentration of the entering air corresponds with the soil gas radon concentration. With increasing flow rate the entering radon concentration decreases, because the radon must be supplied from a longer distance. The IRGprobe works in a similar way: In the first mode of operation it measures the nearly undisturbed soil gas radon concentration. The radon diffuses into the small measuring chamber of the IRGprobe. In the second mode a pump sucks air through the instrument. The air flow rate is changed automatically. That is, the instrument registers the radon concentration as function of the flow rate.

Typical applications

IRG soil gas evaluation

IRG tunnel installation

IRG device control

Soil gas measurement

Earthquake research

Earthquake research