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System description ERS-2-S

The ERS-2-S is an Electrostatic-Radon-Sampler for the determination of the Rn-222 (Radon) and Rn-220 (Thoron) gas-concentration and for the determination of the exhalation-rate, by the use of Alpha-Spectroscopy.

The ERS-2-S is an Electrostatic Radon Sampler with a metallic hemisphere with a volume of 2 l and an active diameter of 180 mm. A positive HV of 5000 Volts is connected to the metallic hemisphere.

The ERS-2-S is built in a self contained aluminium case for the transportation of the system and the use of the system in a laboratory or in the field.

The ERS-2-S operates by battery and its charger. High-Power version with Li-Ion-Battery and charger. The ERS collects the spectra within a memory with a capacity of > 750 complete (alpha-numeric) spectra and results for a read-out later on, in accordance to the pre-selected cycle-time, 1 - 9999 minutes.

The ERS-2-S operates with an alpha-detector (PIPS) and MCA with 256 channels. The evaluation and calculation of measurements will be done by using Alpha-Spectroscopy. The ERS is operating with fast response, high resolution and high efficiency for the evaluation of the Rn-222 and Rn-220 gas-concentration. The calculated results are given in Bq/m³.

For the determination of the Radon- and Thoron-exhalation-rate the ERS should be placed on the surface of the material to be examined. The calculation of the flux-rate, with the result of Bq/m²/s by the use of the Tracerlab-Spectrum-Software will be done by an external PC-system. As an option, the system can be used for the continuous measurement of the Radon- and Thoron-gas-concentration, with a continuous air-flow. A built-in regulated air-pump with an air-flow-rate of 10 - 30 l/h sucks ambient air through the sealed counting-chamber. The calculated results in Bq/m³ are shown at the display and stored in the data memory with a capacity of > 750 spectra and results for a read-out later on.

The communication with the system is done by PC via USB.