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The ERS-2-S is an active Radon/Thoron-Gas-Monitor for the determination of the Radon/Thoron-Gas-Concentration from the air, from soil or materials. The ERS-2-S will be operated by diffusion-mode for the determination of the Exhalation-Rate, that means the Radon/Thoron-Gas is entering the counting-chamber by diffusion through the filter of the open surface. The ERS-2-S can be operated by pumping-mode, that means the ambient air will be sucked by the internal pump through the inlet-filter and pressed into and through the counting-chamber. Operating of the ERS-2-S by using an external PC with the application ERS-2-SEval software. Connection via USB. High-Power version with Li-Ion-Battery and charger.

ERS-2-S measurement

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