TRACERLAB Electrodeposition Systems - Electronic Equipment
Alpha-Elec-2-N / L Alpha-Elec-4-N / L Alpha-Elec-6-N / L
Alpha-Elec-2-N / L Alpha-Elec-4-N / L Alpha-Elec-6-N / L

Each standard electrodeposition-system has a dual channel constant current power-supply. One ea. power-supply is to connect one or two ea. cells, Type "S", "S-L", "N" or "N-L". An upgrading of the system for use as a 2-, 4- or 6-channel version with frame and housing and an optional ventilation controlled exhaust-connection is available.

Electrical characteristics:

  • AC-In: 115 / 230 V
  • Current: Independently for each channel up to 2.0 amp
  • Voltage: Independently for each channel up to 30 volt DC
The power-supply is to set and display the adjust- and working constant-current conditions.

TRACERLAB Electrodeposition Systems - Deposition Cells
Cell Type "N / N-L" Cell Type "S / S-L"
Cell Type 'N' Cell Type 'S'

Cell-Type "N" is made of PLEXI-GLASS.
A disposible one-way plastic funnel is inserted into the plexi-glass cell-body. Sample material is filled into the funnel to avoid cell-body-contact (no memory effect).
Presentation and Handling - Cell 'N'

Cell-Type "S" is made of PTFE (Teflon).
Sample material is fiiled directly into the teflon cell-body. A Viton-O-Ring is placed under the cell body to seal it against the stainless-steel planchet.
Presentation and Handling - Cell 'S'


  • Sample volume: approx. 20 ml
  • Planchets: Stainless-steel with 25 mm dia x 0.5 mm thickness
  • Deposition spot: 12 mm for cell-types "N" and "S"
  • Deposition spot: 22 mm for cell-types "N-L" and "S-L"
  • Optional with cooling-plate to protect from overheating
Information: Electrodeposition of actinides