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2-Channel, real-time, direct reading, self contained and portable monitor for the determination of the Radon/Thorn-Gas- & Radon/Thoron-Progeny-concentration. Operating of the ERS-RDM-2S by using the integrated embeded Panel-PC or by an external PC with the application software. Connection via USB. High-Power version with Li-Ion- Battery and charger.
The ERS-RDM-2S is a self contained instrument with all elements of an intelligent data collection system and alpha-spectrometers, including the following components:
- a removable sampler for the use of an Aerosol-Filter
- Counting (Decay) Chamber with a stainless-steel hemisphere
- Charge Sensitive Alpha Detectors
- Multi Channel Analysers
- Real Time Clocks
- Micro Computer
- Communication interfaces (USB)


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ERS-RDM-2S-L List of Results ERS-RDM-2S-L Radon-Spectrum ERS-RDM-2S-L Radon-Progeny-Spectrum