TRACERLAB Stationary aerosol and dust sampler installations

Special installation Special installation Special installation

Installations on various sites show the flexibility of the sampling systems under different environmental conditions

TRACERLAB Super high volume sampler

Aerosol and dust collector model MDS-1000/600 for the use of Petrianov-Filters with an area of 600 x 600 mm, air-flow up to 1000 m³/h, AC-line operation, Optional iodine sampler in the same housing; Optional Ethernet module for remote/server control via Ethernet network; Optional data logger for measurement data safety; Optional environmental temperature, humidity and pressure indicators

Super High Volume Sampler
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TRACERLAB High volume sampler

Tracerlab, Aerosol- and Dust-Collection-System MDS-280/275/275 for the use of Petrianov-Filters, 275 x 275 mm with an air-flow-rate of max. 220 m/h, up to 24 h and appr. 150 m/h for weekly sampling. Advanced version with a Text-Display / Communication-Key-Board, Printer and Network-Connection, for the use as a remote-control-system.

High Volume Sampler
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TRACERLAB Low volume sampler

Aerosol and dust collector model MDS-1.5-50/60
use of paper-filters, glass-fibre-filters or membrane-filters with diameters of 50, 60 mm or on user-request, air-flow up to 1.5 m³/h (optional as double-pump-version up to 3.0 m³/h), AC-line and battery operation

Low Volume Sampler

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